• Litter picking

    Yazor Brook
  • Out campaigning

  • Santa’s little helpers

  • Cleaning up

  • Getting stuck in

  • Telling it how it is

  • Supporting local charities

  • Highlighting issues

  • Christmas 2014

  • What’s important

  • Taking care of everyone

  • Summer festivals

  • Treasure our towns

  • The straight path

  • The river runs through it

  • Winter orchards

  • A dusting of snow

  • Wassail!!!!!

  • Winter cathedral

  • Racecourse fireworks

  • Shire Hall full moon

  • Mulled cider

  • Summer fields

  • Hops

  • Time for change

  • Lakefest

  • Viaduct vista

  • Mortimer autumn

  • Queenswood colour

  • New play equipment

    Matthew Bushkes
  • In touch with the ward

    Cllr David Summers
  • Traffic trouble

  • Rolling country

    Dinedor hill
  • Celebrating community

  • Voice for the voiceless

  • Community champions

  • Tea for the queen

    Eat Sleep Live Herefordshire
  • Raing funds for charity

    Mark Mansell and Danielle Mansell Spinathon 2016 Hereford
  • Team mates

    Jon Stannard and John Harrington Spinathon 2016 Hereford
  • Celebrating success

    Spinathon 2016 Hereford
  • Doing the dirty work

  • Community assets

  • Providing direction

    Hereford Signpost
  • Serving community

    Charles Nicholls ROF
  • Stemming the flood

  • The long view

  • Civic pride

    Charles Nicholls Mayors Chain Hereford
  • Team IOC

    Paul Neades, Jim Keenyon, Kath hey, Mark Dykes, Spinathon 2016 Hereford
  • Loving our libraries

    Hereford Library
  • Planning for the future

  • Getting our hands dirty

    Litter Bin
  • Protecting our assets

  • Challenging policy

  • Celebrating Herefordshire

  • In the beginning

  • Cathedral nights

  • Commemorating sacrifice

  • City lights

  • Left Bank lights

  • Time’s running out

  • Cheers beers

  • I see no problems

  • Rambling

  • River at dawn

  • Make it stop!

  • Pick me! Pick me!

  • Don’t forget

  • Poppy man

  • Eastnor from the air


 Help make a difference with action. There are many ways to get involved.

Volunteer an hour or two of your time to join local community events in your area, like litter picking, gardening or helping out at fundraising events.

Or perhaps help deliver leaflets and newsletters around your neighbourhood or offer some clerical help.

It’s Our County believes in politics from the bottom up!

There is always something that everyone can do to help. Please don’t hesitate, we can’t do it without you!

Let us know how you can help through our Contact Page.