Council cabinet cut SHYPP Funding.


Today at this Mornings Cabinet meeting Hereford County Council have proposed to go back on their word to secure funding to SHYPP. It’s Our County proposed an amendment to secure transition funding at a previous budget meeting to help secure funds for this essential local service and this was overruled with the promise that the funds would be secured.

Today they have gone back on their word and this inexcusable decision will be rubberstamped in public this afternoon.

Hereford Library

Hereford in top 20 areas hit by cuts to Art’s and Culture

Hereford Library

In a recent survey by the Mirror Hereford has been listed in the top 20 areas hit by Tori Cuts to Arts and Culture

Herefordshire £5.2m: down 54.9% (£1.5m on open spaces -18.7%; £1.5m on libraries-47.9%)

Spending on cultural services such as libraries, sports and parks has plummeted by more than a quarter since 2010.

An exclusive analysis of local council spending figures has revealed the scale of the huge cuts that have hit the country’s cultural institutions.

In 2009-10 councils across England spent £3.3 billion in net expenditure on cultural and related services. However, in the 2015-16 budget only £2.8 billion was set aside – 28 per cent less than in 2009-10.

Spending on open spaces has fallen by 22 per cent while library expenditure is down by 24 per cent overall and tourism spending has plummeted by 48 per cent.

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